What is KubeSphere

KubeSphere is an open source project, built on Kubernetes, which is a powerful production-grade container orchestration system. KubeSphere provides users with easy-to-use interface and wizard design, it reduces the complexity of development, testing and maintenance, as well as lower the learning cost of the container orchestration platform.


KubeSphere providing friendly UI and wizard-design experience to users who work at development, testing or operation. Kubernetes’ powerful features could be delivered to users in an easiest way through the KubeSphere console.


Besides the open source solutions, if users would like to realize higher demands for network and storage, QingCloud can be used as the underlying platform to integrate QingCloud SDN, block storage and NeonSAN with service-guaranteed network and storage solutions.


No infrastructure dependencies, no Kubernetes dependencies, support for deployment across physical machines, virtual machines, cloud platforms, and enables Kubernetes clusters of different versions and vendors management.

Enable one-click deployment for application.

Based on the open source OpenPitrix project, providing full lifecycle management of applications, including development, test, release, upgrade and remove, as well as multi-application registries management and one-click deployment of applications

How to contribute

If you would like to participate in the development of KubeSphere upstream, or understand the progress of the project and report the bug, you can keep in touch with us through GitHub and Slack.

Jun 2018
Community Edition 1.0.0
Jul 2018
Express Edition 1.0.0
Dec 2018
Advanced Edition 1.0.0
May 2019
Advanced Edition 2.0.0
Advanced Edition 3.0.0
Report the Bug

KubeSphere uses GitHub issue to manage bug trackingSubmit the Bug

Participate in development and design