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KubeSphere Container Platform

The Kubernetes platform tailored for hybrid multicloud

KubeSphere is a distributed operating system managing cloud native applications with Kubernetes as its kernel, and provides plug-and-play architecture for the seamless integration of third-party applications to boost its ecosystem.

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One Platform for Full Stack Solutions

KubeSphere is also a multi-tenant enterprise-grade container platform with full-stack automated IT operation and streamlined DevOps workflows. It provides developer-friendly wizard web UI, helping enterprises to build out a more robust and feature-rich platform, which includes the most common functionalities needed for enterprise Kubernetes strategies.

  • Open Source

    Open Source

    A CNCF-certified Kubernetes platform, 100% open source, built and improved by the community.

  • Easy to Run

    Easy to Run

    Can be deployed on an existing Kubernetes cluster or Linux machines, supports online and air-gapped installation.

  • Rich Features

    Rich Features

    Deliver DevOps, service mesh, observability, application management, multi-tenancy, storage and networking management in a unified platform.

  • Modular & Pluggable

    Modular & Pluggable

    The functionalities are modularized and loosely coupled with the platform. Choose the modules according to your business needs.

Benefits to Different Teams

Multi-tenancy enables different teams to securely deploy and maintain containerized applications from the cloud to the edge. It allows developers to deploy code with several clicks on the friendly console, and brings integrated observability and powerful DevOps strategies for the Ops team. It also helps the Infra team to install and maintain Kubernetes cluster with efficient, flexible network solutions which avoids locking teams into a single-vendor ecosystem.

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Key Features

If you are seeking an open source project that rivals a commercial product, KubeSphere is your choice.

The RoadMap lists the planned features and everyone is welcome to raise a proposal and contribute your ideas.

  • Provisioning Kubernetes

    Provisioning Kubernetes

    Deploy Kubernetes on any infrastructure out of box, including online and air-gapped installation, and support adding GPU nodes

  • K8s Resource Management

    K8s Resource Management

    Provide a web console for creating and managing Kubernetes resources with powerful observability

  • Multi-tenant Management

    Multi-tenant Management

    Provide unified authentication with fine-grained roles and three-tier authorization system, and support AD/LDAP authentication

  • Application Store Application Store

    Provide an application store for Helm-based applications, and offer application lifecycle management

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  • Service Mesh (Istio-based) Service Mesh (Istio-based)

    Provide fine-grained traffic management, observability and tracing, and offer visualization for traffic topology

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  • Rich Observability Rich Observability

    Multi-dimensional monitoring, events and audit logs query are supported; multi-tenant log query and collection, alerting and notification are built-in

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  • DevOps System DevOps System

    Out-of-box CI/CD based on Jenkins, and automated workflow tools including Source-to-Image & Binary-to-Image

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  • Multiple Storage Solutions Multiple Storage Solutions

    Support GlusterFS, CephRBD, NFS, LocalPV solutions, and provide CSI plugins to consume storage from multiple cloud providers

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  • Multiple Network Solutions Multiple Network Solutions

    Provide a load balancer Porter for bare metal Kubernetes, and offers network policy management, support Calico and Flannel CNI

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  • Multi-cluster Management Multi-cluster Management

    Distribute applications across multiple clusters and cloud providers, and provide disaster recovery solutions and cross-cluster observability

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KubeSphere with its Cloud Native Architecture

Front End

KubeSphere Console

  • KubeSphere Console
  • KubeSphere Console
  • KubeSphere Console

Back End (REST API)

KubeSphere System

  • API Server
  • API Gateway
  • Controller Manager
  • Account Service
KubeSphere System KubeSphere System

End User Community

Tons of enterprises and organizations are using KubeSphere Container Platform for research, production and their commercial products.
The Case Studies list more detailed user cases and their cloud native transformation stories.

  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community
  • End User Community

Join the Revolution, Partner with KubeSphere

We look forward to your joining KubeSphere partner program to improve both ecosystems and grow your business.

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