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Feynman Zhou, Lindsay Liu
Published on:2021-02-11    The number of views:

Come on! Your Exclusive Certificate is Ready

It’s highly appreciated that the KubeSphere community has nearly 100 contributors by February 2021. Voted and approved by the KubeSphere Community Technical Committee and the KubeSphere Steering Committee, 10 Ambassadors, 15 Talented Speakers, 22 outstanding contributors, and 6 active contributors with remarkable contributions were selected throughout the year.

Vote of Thanks

KubeSphere Community Steering Committee would like to express gratitude to KubeSphere Members, KubeSphere Ambassadors, KubeSphere Talented Speakers, and KubeSphere Contributors, and extend the sincerest greetings to all the members who participated in the open-source contribution to the KubeSphere community. Therefore, we prepare an exclusive gift for you.


KubeSphere Member

KubeSphere Members are granted to members who have deeply participated in the open-source contribution to the KubeSphere community. These members have independently developed or tested one or more features, written or translated documents, or helped to promote KubeSphere and open-source technologies in various communities. Now we have invited all of them to join KubeSphere GitHub.

Jie ChenDownload Certificate
Ling LiDownload Certificate
Honglei ShenDownload Certificate
Turtle ChangDownload Certificate
Jian ZhangDownload Certificate
Kai ZhangDownload Certificate

KubeSphere Talented Speaker

KubeSphere Talented Speakers are awarded to outstanding lecturers who have conducted public technology presentations at KubeSphere Open-Source Live, KubeSphere Meetup 2020, and CNCF Webinar. They are excellent KubeSphere evangelists and splendid speakers.

Benjamin HuoDownload Certificate
Tian FangDownload Certificate
Leo LiuDownload Certificate
Lei SongDownload Certificate
Juan XuDownload Certificate
Zhanling ChenDownload Certificate
Jeff ZhangDownload Certificate
Yueliang LiuDownload Certificate
Tally LeeDownload Certificate
Xiaofei YangDownload Certificate
Jiong DuanDownload Certificate
Wanjun LeiDownload Certificate
Michael YuanDownload Certificate
Wenhu WangDownload Certificate
Ke ZhouDownload Certificate

KubeSphere Ambassador

KubeSphere Ambassadors are awarded to technical evangelists who are helping to grow the KubeSphere community. The following members have shared KubeSphere practical cases and technical articles in the KubeSphere community many times to help more users to get to know the application scenarios and best practices of KubeSphere.

Guoyou LiDownload Certificate
PahudDownload Certificate
Hengjun WeiDownload Certificate
Lei XueDownload Certificate
Yang YangDownload Certificate
Xingmin LuDownload Certificate
Haitao PanDownload Certificate
Will ZhangDownload Certificate
Xinglin XueDownload Certificate
Haili ZhangDownload Certificate

KubeSphere Contributor

KubeSphere Contributors are for members who have participated in KubeSphere’s open-source projects or published high-quality technical blogs on the KubeSphere Chinese forum, as well as members who have helped to submit and fix bugs.

Ader FuDownload Certificate
Howie ZhangDownload Certificate
Wenbin LiaoDownload Certificate
Renee TengDownload Certificate
Hui ZhangDownload Certificate
Changjie FuDownload Certificate
Tao HuDownload Certificate
Ruichao LinDownload Certificate
The WayDownload Certificate
Wei ZhangDownload Certificate
Huihui FuDownload Certificate
Jack ZhouDownload Certificate
Gang LiuDownload Certificate
Wei WangDownload Certificate
Shiwen GongDownload Certificate
Chen JinDownload Certificate
Junjie MaDownload Certificate
Zehuai WangDownload Certificate
Shanjie HanDownload Certificate
Yuanpeng LiangDownload Certificate
Hongbing PeiDownload Certificate
Xinyang XieDownload Certificate

Many community contributors from all over the world have silently submitted Pull Requests on GitHub. We still don’t know the names or contact information of these contributors,so we express our appreciation to them in the Readme of the project repository.

We have sent an exclusive gift to acknowledge all members who have participated in the KubeSphere community. If you have submitted a Pull Request that has been merged, but your name is not mentioned in the list, please contact us freely, and we will send you the certificate and a souvenir.

KubeSphere Partner

In addition to the contributors listed above, the KubeSphere community would like to express our thanks to developers from the AWS Community, Apache APISIX, Apache SkyWalking, DockOne Community, K8s Chinese Community, Ruijie Networks, WeDataSphere Open Source Community (WeBank), CASI Cloud, Jenkins Chinese, TesterHome, SegmentFault, Istio Community, KubeEdge community, openEuler community, Zhongtong Express, and all community partners.

Looking Ahead

2020 was an unusual year, but we survived and thrived. In 2021, we believe that everyone is ready for the new challenge. The open-source community brings us together to work in the same direction, for we all share the same value and the same goal. And we know the KubeSphere community has an exciting prospect because the contribution and effort from every one of you will make it happen in the new year, and every year. Join us!


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