Alerting Messages (Node Level)

Alerting messages record detailed information of alerts triggered based on the alerting policy defined. This tutorial demonstrates how to view alerting messages at the node level.


View Alerting Messages

  1. Log in to the KubeSphere console as cluster-admin and navigate to Alerting Messages under Monitoring & Alerting.

  2. On the Alerting Messages page, you can see all alerting messages in the list. The first column displays the summary and message you have defined in the notification of the alert. To view details of an alerting message, click the name of the alerting policy and then click the Alerting Messages tab on the page that appears.


  3. On the Alerting Messages tab, you can see alert severity, target resources, and alert time.

View Notifications

If you also want to receive alert notifications (for example, email and Slack messages), you need to configure a notification channel first.