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Service Accounts

A service account provides an identity for processes that run in a Pod. When accessing a cluster, a user is authenticated by the API server as a particular user account. Processes in containers inside Pods are authenticated as a particular service account when these processes contact the API server.

This document describes how to create service accounts on KubeSphere.


You need to create a workspace, a project, and a user (project-regular), and invite the user to the project and assign it the operator role. For more information, see Create Workspaces, Projects, Users and Roles.

Create Service Account

Step 1: Log in to KubeSphere

  1. Log in to the KubeSphere console as project-regular. Go to Configuration of a project and click Service Accounts. A service account named default is displayed on the Service Accounts page as it is automatically created when the project is created.


    If no service account is specified when creating workloads in a project, the service account default in the same project is automatically assigned.
  2. Click Create.

Step 2: Set a service account

  1. In the displayed dialog box, set the following parameters:
    • Name: A unique identifier for the service account.
    • Alias: An alias for the service account to help you better identify the service account.
    • Description: A brief introduction of the service account.
    • Project Role: Select a project role from the drop-down list for the service account. Different project roles have different permissions in a project.
  2. Click Create after you finish setting the parameters. The service account created is displayed on the Service Accounts page.

Service Account Details Page

  1. Click the service account created to go to its details page.
  2. Click Edit Information to edit its basic information, or click More to select an operation from the drop-down menu.
    • Edit YAML: View, update, or download the YAML file.
    • Change Role: Change the project role of the service account.
    • Delete: Delete the service account and return to the previous page.
  3. On the Resource Status tab, details about the corresponding Secret and the kubeconfig of the service account are displayed.

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