How to upgrade Qingcloud CSI after upgrading?

Currently Qingcloud CSI will not be upgraded by KubeKey. You can run the following command to upgrade CSI manually after finishing KubeSphere upgrade:

git clone https://github.com/yunify/qingcloud-csi.git
cd qingcloud-csi/
git checkout v1.1.1
kubectl delete -f  deploy/disk/kubernetes/releases/qingcloud-csi-disk-v1.1.1.yaml
kubectl delete sc csi-qingcloud
helm repo add test https://charts.kubesphere.io/test
helm install test/csi-qingcloud --name-template csi-qingcloud --namespace kube-system \
  --set config.qy_access_key_id=KEY,config.qy_secret_access_key=SECRET,config.zone=ZONE,sc.type=2

Wait until csi controller and daemonset are running

$ kubectl get po -n kube-system | grep csi
csi-qingcloud-controller-56979d46cb-qk9ck   5/5     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-4s8n5                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-65dqn                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-khk49                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-nz9q9                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-pxr56                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-whqhk                    2/2     Running            0          24h

Then run the following command to check csi image version is 1.2.x:

$ kubectl get po -n kube-system csi-qingcloud-controller-56979d46cb-qk9ck -ojson | jq '.spec.containers[].image' | grep qingcloud