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Environment Requirements

This page summarizes the some requirements for installing and using KubeSphere.

System Requirements

SystemMinimum Requirements (Each node)
Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04CPU: 2 Cores, Memory: 4 GB, Disk Space: 40 GB
Debian Buster, StretchCPU: 2 Cores, Memory: 4 GB, Disk Space: 40 GB
CentOS 7.xCPU: 2 Cores, Memory: 4 GB, Disk Space: 40 GB
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7CPU: 2 Cores, Memory: 4 GB, Disk Space: 40 GB
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 /openSUSE Leap 15.2CPU: 2 Cores, Memory: 4 GB, Disk Space: 40 GB

Dependency Requirements

DependencyKubernetes Version ≥ 1.18Kubernetes Version < 1.18
socatRequiredOptional but recommended
conntrackRequiredOptional but recommended
ebtablesOptional but recommendedOptional but recommended
ipsetOptional but recommendedOptional but recommended

Container Runtime Requirements

Supported Container RuntimeVersion
CRI-O (experimental, not fully tested)Latest
iSula (experimental, not fully tested)Latest

Network Requirements

  • Make sure the DNS address in /etc/resolv.conf is available. Otherwise, it may cause some issues of DNS in the cluster.
  • If your network configuration uses firewall rules or security groups, you must ensure infrastructure components can communicate with each other through specific ports. It is recommended that you turn off the firewall. For more information, see Port Requirements.
  • Supported CNI plugins: Calico and Flannel. Others (such as Cilium and Kube-OVN) may also work but note that they have not been fully tested.

Supported Kubernetes Versions

Installation ToolKubeSphere versionSupported Kubernetes versions
KubeKey3.3.2v1.20.x, v1.21.x, * v1.22.x, * v1.23.x, * v1.24.x
ks-installer3.3.2v1.20.x, v1.21.x, * v1.22.x, * v1.23.x, * v1.24.x


For Kubernetes versions with an asterisk, some features of edge nodes may be unavailable due to incompatability. Therefore, if you want to use edge nodes, you are advised to install Kubernetes v1.21.x.

Supported CSI Plugins

Kubernetes has announced that in-tree volume plugins will be removed from Kubernetes in version 1.21. For more information, see Kubernetes In-Tree to CSI Volume Migration Moves to Beta. Therefore, it is recommended that you install CSI plugins instead.

Supported CSI plugins:

Supported Web Browsers for Accessing the Console


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