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Release Notes for 3.3.2


Enhancements & Upgrades

  • Add the latest GitHub Actions.
  • Save the PipelineRun results to the configmap.
  • Modify the Chinese description of the status of ArgoCD applications.
  • Add more information to continuous deployment parameters.
  • Add a link for PipelineRun in the aborted state.
  • Add an ID column for PipelineRun, and the ID will be displayed when users run kubectl commands.
  • Remove the queued state from PipelineRun.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where webhook configurations are missing after users change and save pipeline configurations.
  • Fix an issue where downloading DevOps pipeline artifacts fails.
  • Fix an issue where the image address does not match when a service is created by using a JAR/WAR file.
  • Fix an issue where the status of PipelineRun changes from Cancelled to Not-Running.
  • Fix the automatic cleaning behavior of pipelines to keep it consistent with the cleaning configurations of Jenkins.

App Store

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where the application icon is not displayed on the uploaded application template.
  • Fix an issue where the homepage of an application is not displayed on the application information page.
  • Fix an issue where importing built-in applications fails.
  • Fix a UUID generation error in an IPv6-only environment.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix a parsing error in the configuration file of logsidecar-injector.

Service Mesh

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue that application governance of Bookinfo projects without service mesh enabled is not disabled by default.
  • Fix an issue where the delete button is missing on the blue-green deployment details page.


Bug Fixes

  • Restrict network isolation of projects within the current workspace.


Enhancements & Upgrades

  • Display the cluster to which system-workspace belongs in multi-cluster environments.
  • Rename route to ingress.

Authentication & Authorization

Enhancements & Upgrades

  • Add dynamic options for cache.
  • Remove the "Alerting Message Management" permission.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where platform roles with platform management permisions cannot manage clusters.

Development & Testing

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where some data is in the Out of sync state after the live-reload feature is introduced.
  • Fix an issue where the ks-apiserver fails when it is reloaded multiple times.
  • Fix an issue where caching resources fails if some required CRDs are missing.
  • Fix an issue where the ks-apiserver crashes in Kubernetes 1.24+ versions.
  • Fix an issue where Goroutine leaks occur when the audit event sender times out.

User Experience

  • Limit the length of cluster names.
  • Fix an issue where pod replicas of a federated service are not automatically refreshed.
  • Fix an issue where related pods are not deleted after users delete a service.
  • Fix an issue where the number of nodes and roles are incorrectly displayed when there is only one node.

For more information about issues and contributors of KubeSphere 3.3.2, see GitHub.

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