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Volume Snapshot Classes

Volume snapshot classes provide a way for administrators to define storage types used for volume snapshots. This tutorial describes how to create and use snapshot classes.


  • You need to create a workspace, a project and a user (project-regular). The user must be invited to the project with the role of operator. For more information, see Create Workspaces, Projects, Users and Roles.

  • You need to install Kubernetes 1.17 or higher.

  • Your underlying storage plugin supports snapshots.


  1. Log in to the web console of KubeSphere as project-regular. On the navigation pane on the left, click Storage > Volume Snapshot Classes.

  2. On the Volume Snapshot Classes page, click Create.

  3. In the displayed Create Volume Snapshot Class dialog box, set the name of the volume snapshot, and click Next. Also, you can set an alias and add description.

  4. On the Volume Snapshot Class Settings tab, select a provisioner and deletion policy, which supports the following types:

    • Delete: The snapshot of the underlying storage will be deleted along with the VolumeSnapshotContent.
    • Retain: Both the snapshot of the underlying storage and the VolumeSnapshotContent will be retained.

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