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Release Notes for 3.4.1

App Store

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the error on the application repository page.
  • Fix the error in the application approval process.
  • Support "select" in Appdeploy schemaform.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue of losing status when modifying a CRD.
  • Fix the incorrect style for IsolateInfo and RuleInfo in the Network Policy panel.
  • Fix inaccurate Chinese translations on some pages.
  • Fix the resource creation failure issue in higher versions of Kubernetes.
  • Fix the issue in the dashboard where the names in Recently Access are obscured.
  • Fix the issue on the list page where the Customize Columns button displays incomplete content.
  • Fix the display error of pod status.
  • Fix the issue on the PVC page where the capacity selection numbers are displayed incorrectly.
  • Fix the issue when adding containers on the Create Deployment page, using tags to search for images is not working.
  • Support building ARM64 images.

Multi Cluster

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue where CD-related clusters are displayed incorrectly in a multi-cluster environment.
  • Fix the issue of mistakenly adding a host cluster as a member cluster of another cluster.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue that CPU and memory statistics charts are not displaying.
  • Fix API call errors on the notification channel page.
  • Fix the blank log receiver page.
  • Fix the issue on the new notification channel page where conditional filtering values are missing.

Authentication & Authorization

Bug Fixes

  • Fix LDAP login failure.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue where shell is not effective in graphical editing.
  • When a cluster is not ready or does not install DevOps, DevOps projects are unavailable.
  • Fix the incorrect parameter passing in Jenkins.
  • Fix the issue that clicking the replay button pops up an error prompt.
  • Fix the issue that the details of a pipeline cannot be viewed.
  • Fix the run error due to the large DevOps pipeline logs.
  • Fix Jenkins image vulnerability.
  • Fix the issue that failed to upgrade DevOps to 3.4.0.
  • Fix the error in the cleanup task.
  • Fix the failure to set a timeout.
  • Fix the bug with downloading multi-branch-pipeline artifacts.
  • Fix the issue that disabling discarded history pipelineruns doesn't work.
  • Fix the issue that some application resources are not deleted when cascade deleting multiple applications.

Enhancements & Updates

  • Display the git repo link on the Pipeline page.
  • Improve the API documentation for DevOps.

User Experience

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue on the Statefuls page where the Pod Grace Period parameter is missing.
  • Fix the issue where the cluster gateway is not displayed in cluster management.
  • Fix the error when creating an application route.
  • Add pagination for listing repository tags.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue that the Monitoring Target field is displayed blank.

For more information about issues and contributors of KubeSphere 3.4.1, see GitHub.

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