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Explore CNCF KCD Turkey with KubeSphere Turkey

Witness the power of collaboration: KubeSphere Turkey and Community worked together for KCD Turkey!

KCD Turkey

KCD Turkey was an extraordinary 3-day onsite event designed exclusively for tech enthusiasts and professionals passionate about Kubernetes and cloud technologies. From June 13th to June 15th, 2023, KCD Turkey worked with KubeSphere Turkey to bring an immersive and unforgettable experience that would revolutionize your understanding of the tech landscape.

Attracting a diverse community of 570 attendees, KCD Turkey is the premier gathering for cutting-edge knowledge and networking opportunities. This dynamic event caters to 50 students, 50 sponsor invitees, and 470 ticketed participants, ensuring a vibrant mix of industry pioneers, aspiring talents, and key influencers. Additionally, 12 sponsors offered various gifts and opportunities have enhanced the overall experience for attendees, providing them with additional insights and networking prospects.

At KCD Turkey, 26 industry-leading speakers shared their expertise through a multitude of captivating workshops and talks, unveiling the latest trends shaping the cloud-native world. But it doesn't stop there! KCD Turkey recognized the immense value of networking and collaboration. In the networking sessions, attendees could mingle, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful connections with like-minded professionals.

KubeSphere will always be committed to empowering the cloud-native community. We proudly announce our ongoing support for KCDs and CNCF CNCG groups in various countries. Building on the success of KCD Turkey, we are working tirelessly to organize a series of exciting KubeSphere Meetups in Turkey and Europe throughout the year.

About KCD

CNCF KCD events are community events supported by the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) for anyone interested in Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies. These events offer information sharing and networking opportunities on open source and cloud native topics. KubeSphere supported KCD Turkey this year as Co-Organizer at the highest level!

About KubeSphere

KubeSphere is a distributed operating system for cloud-based application management using the Kubernetes core. It provides a plug-and-play architecture that allows seamless integration with third-party applications ecosystem. KubeSphere is a Kubernetes platform specially designed for DevOps processes. It enables you to easily manage your container applications and Kubernetes infrastructures with its user-friendly console built by using completely open source code.


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