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Welcome New KubeSphere Ambassadors! KubeSphere Ambassadorship 2023 Applications Announced!

Contributing to the open-source community is not limited to contributing code and documentation and supporting localization and internationalization, but includes technology evangelism as well.

With the KubeSphere Ambassadorship program we organized this year, we received applications from outside for the first time and selected our ambassadors through evaluation. The term of office of our ambassadors will be 1 year, and new ambassador elections can be held at the same time next year. An ambassador can be re-elected as an ambassador every year. Through this ambassador program, we aim to foster a more open community environment.

With weekly meetings with ambassadors, we will give our ambassadors much more active roles in the development processes of KubeSphere and enable them to lead their communities in the regions they are located.

KubeSphere Ambassador is awarded to technical evangelists who are helping to grow the KubeSphere community by writing technical blogs and user cases, sharing technologies in the community, etc. Or it is presented to people who we think will make useful contributions to the KubeSphere community in the future.

We are happy to announce fourteen new KubeSphere Ambassadors who have contributed in different ways to the KubeSphere community many times to help more users to get to know the application scenarios and best practices of KubeSphere.

About the Certificate

The KubeSphere Ambassadorship Program (KSAP) is a program where we bring together our members who carry out community activities for KubeSphere. We support your community activities and develop KubeSphere together. We would like to select a total of twenty-five Ambassadors for the program that we will hold open to the community for the first time this year. These ambassadors will have a one-year term. And an ambassador can be chosen for multiple years in a row. KubeSphere Ambassador is rewarded with special benefits and a very special certificate after being selected.

Obtaining the Certificate

Onur CanoğluView and download the certificate
Rossana SuarezView and download the certificate
Jona ApelbaumView and download the certificate
Nilo Yucra GavilanView and download the certificate
Halil BUGOLView and download the certificate
Eda KonyarView and download the certificate
İremnur ÖnderView and download the certificate
Harun Eren SATView and download the certificate
Min YinView and download the certificate
Kevin XuView and download the certificate
Haili ZhangView and download the certificate
Zhengjun ZhouView and download the certificate
Zhenfei PeiView and download the certificate
Jianlin ZhengView and download the certificate

Important Update Regarding KubeSphere Ambassador Program Email Usage

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity and purpose of the KubeSphere Ambassador Program, we are introducing an important update regarding the usage of the kubesphere.io mailbox.

To ensure the efficient use of the kubesphere.io mailbox and maintain its focus on open-source activities, we kindly request that applicants restrict its usage to open-source purposes only. This includes discussions, contributions, and inquiries related to KubeSphere and its associated projects.

While we encourage engagement and appreciate your enthusiasm for KubeSphere, we kindly request that you refrain from using the kubesphere.io mailbox for business-related matters, such as sales, marketing, or commercial inquiries. This restriction will help us maintain the integrity of the Ambassador Program and ensure its effectiveness in supporting the open-source community.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. By doing so, together, we can create a vibrant and collaborative environment for open-source enthusiasts and contributors.

If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding the Ambassador Program or its guidelines, please feel free to reach out to us at info@kubesphere.io.


The KubeSphere community would like to express its gratitude to new KubeSphere Ambassadors and extend the sincerest greetings to those who participated in the open-source contribution to the KubeSphere community! Shortly before this announcement, we contacted all our ambassadors and started our work. We are currently in the grouping and meeting phase. Very soon, all our ambassadors will be with you for a better KubeSphere community.


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